Taher – Water cutting of materials

Water cutting various materials

Materials which can be cut with a water : • Aluminum • Copper • Bronze • Granite • rubber • hardox • stainless steel • insulating material • Carbon • Ceramics • Wood • Manganese • marble • Brass • brick • Plastic • Polycarbonate • Silicone gasket • gas concrete • glass • stirodur • Styrofoam • fireclay • Teflon • titanium • plastic • Iron glassfiber-epoxy

laminate Cutting with abrasive water jet operates on the principle of mechanical removal of material. Abrasive water jet is thin jet of a mixture of water and silica sand under high pressure , which acts on the workpiece, and with erosion carries the basic material and thus makes an incision . The main advantage of the process of cutting the water is cold cut , resulting in a small effect on the material and its cutting edges the creation of almost every even the most complex shapes and the ability to cut almost any material • Optimum utilization of material it is possible to cut all kinds of materials of different shapes , thickness and hardness . Maximum dimensions of materials that can be cut : 3000x2000mm  ©Taher d.o.o.