About company

TAHER ltd. - Production, Maintenance and Engineering

Taheri company is specialized in manufacturing , servicing and restoration of signaling and other devices that are used for the smooth operation of rail traffic .
In addition to the rail program , we also offer cutting all kinds of materials with abrasive waterjet .

We produce standard and all other non-standard products , which can not be obtained in the general sale . The company Taher always like to listen to your needs and desires and adapt to the requirements regarding method of manufacture and installation . At the same time we are trying to find ways to solving problems based on the experience we have in all the years of the gain .
We are trying to use the right materials and the proper and accurate processing of these, achieving the highest level of quality products.
Taher company cooperates with many domestic and foreign business partners through which usually solve any problems, even those that sometimes seem unsolvable .
Taheri company can boast of its own production , which is trying to maintain quality , reduce costs and shorten the manufacturing time of our products. All of this allows us to compete we have .
Our product range is vast and update it , even according to the wishes of our satisfied customers .
The ordered products are manufactured to our or customer’s documentation . Manufacture and deliver equipment to the entire assembly or produce only a particular component that is used to replace or supplement to already existing devices.
For all our products we also offer service and spare parts .
Company Taher is a small company, this allows us greater flexibility and short response time .